Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Almost Mudder Time!

"Go Daddy Go!"
Sarah is so good about sending Linda pictures every day.  Linda checks her phone every few hours to see if another picture of Penny came through.  Penelope loves the swings.  She has been sitting in the swing since she was just a few months old.  Too bad she won't be going to Tough Mudder this weekend.  Her Daddy is running his 3rd race.  The first one he did great, the second one he actually was in the top 3% of finishers and qualified for the 24-Hour Worlds Toughest Mudder. (Linda is VERY GLAD he didn't compete it that!)

This was the crew from the first year.  Last year he ran alone.  
That's Taylor without the shirt.  He came in second by just a few seconds in his heat.  See that little guy to directly to right of him?  He beat Taylor by just a few seconds.  This year Taylor has been training a little different.  Instead of heavy lifting, he has been running, running, running and not lifting.  He should even be faster than previous years.  Sarah and Linda are going to have to sprint hard between obstacles to be able to watch him.