Friday, April 26, 2013

Life With Penelope

I'm going to have to start a new blog called "Life With Penelope" or something like that.  This blog is supposed to be about dogs, and all thing dogs... but all Linda wants to do is post photos and stories about Penny.  If Linda was a blogging wizard and knew what she was doing, she would do one blog with two different tabs.  Probably no need to worry anyway.  Who doesn't like pictures of puppies and babies??  Instead of posting all her favorite Penny/Sarah/Taylor/Tierney photos from the Savannah vacation they took, she will post a few everyday at the end of her regular posts.  (OK, maybe more than a few.) 
"You know you love me!"
Remember that Linda messed up her foot on Monday?  She suffered through Tuesday and Wednesday.  It felt better on Thursday, and good for the first 2 classes today.  By the third class (she was barefoot since she was teaching TKD) it was really sore again.  Plus, she's got some kind of stomach issues now.  She has cramping tonight, almost so bad it was hard to stand up straight.   It could be the Thai food she ate for lunch. 
"Try this stretch Nana.  It always makes me feel better."
She had her heart set on Sweet Frog on the way home from family night.  Instead she is stretched out on the chair wishing SF delivered.
Three beautiful girls!  (Sarah and Tierney look like sisters)
Next week FOR SURE, I'm getting groomed. My fur is just a hot mess.
Remember when Noah used to walk Chimi (He would hold the leash the entire time and never drop it!) and I would ride in the pouch on the back of the stroller??