Thursday, April 11, 2013

Aye Chihuahua!

She is beautiful and I love her puppy
Barbie is in the news again.  This time it is Mexico Barbie.  She is all decked out in her party clothes ready for a fiesta.  Open your Barbie box and you'll find a wee Chihuahua tucked under her arm. Just like all the other Dolls of the World Barbies, she comes with a passport to represent her international travels.  WELL.... there are lots of people who are all mad and upset because they think her passport is inappropriate because of the current immigration debate.  Hey, I'm only half Chihuahua so maybe I don't know any better, but wouldn't it be bad if she DIDN'T come with a passport and all the other dolls from different countries did?  Some people are also "estas enojado" because her dog is a typical stereotype.

 ARE YOU SERIOUS?  The India Barbie has a pet monkey and the China Barbie has a pet panda.  Is anyone upset at that?  Are the French people mad because their Barbie didn't get a pet, but only a loaf of bread?

Tierney would have just loved all these World Barbies.  She only had the generic kind that all looked the same.  Please, stop the madness!  Let little girls play with their Barbies in peace.  They are not political puppets, but plastic toys.

p.s.  Linda has read all the other bloggers about Mexico Barbie and she is in the minority.  Lots of women think Barbies are bad for girls and they should all play with calculators or toy microscope sets and not dolls.