Thursday, May 2, 2013

You Have to Want It

When the lights come on and shine on the flowers, it looks even better.

Zero weeds. 
Now that I have my new haircut, it is May 2nd and the PLM (Paul Lawn Man) flowers are in full bloom... Linda is sure that all the cold weather is over!  Look how amazing PLM's front yard looks.  Every time she drives up to our house, she gets to see this perfect green lawn and these amazing flowers.  The backyard is even prettier.  She does have lawn envy, but then PLM works nonstop on his yard and Linda works about 2 hours a month, and 99.9% of that is mowing and bagging.
See that little chick?  It is from the 40 or 50's and belonged to Linda's Mommy.
Last year a friend planted some flowers in our big pots and along the front of the house.  They are all coming back.  About 1/2 of the flowers Sarah planted two Mother's Days ago are blooming. Maybe this Sunday Linda will actually weed and cut back some of the ivy overgrowth so you can see how pretty they look.  Her yard makes her think about the teaching at church last night and the way some Christians want to live. The Pastor said (paraphrased) "There is so much "I want or I intend to" serve God, but they just let weeds grow in their heart or grumble and complain its too hard.  She loves a pretty yard.  She wants a pretty yard.  She wishes someone would make the lawn pretty for her, but she must not actually care or she would do the work herself.  It would be great if PLM's perfect grass grew over into her yard and all the purple flowers migrated to our flower beds.  You can't live your Christian life based on another persons labor to enter in."  (The part about the lawn-flower analogy was Linda's.)