Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Angel Dogs and Prayers Answered

The tornado coverage on the news today was so intense that Linda had to stop watching earlier, but not before she saw the sweet old lady who had her prayers answered. First she prayed that she would live while the storm flattened her house and second, that her little dog would survive too.  By now, everyone has seen the video of the women finding the pooch trapped underneath the rubble. OK, it totally made Linda tear up.

The story she read today about the angel dog was so moving, Linda cried about dogs twice in one day!   Casey was a dog like Linda's old Husky Sheba.  No matter how many things Linda tried, Sheba would escape.  Jumping over the 6' fence, digging under the fence, plowing through the electric cattle fence, chewing the wood slat fence, busting out the screen of the window, squeezing out the door... that dog managed to escape so many times it wasn't funny.  Casey was just like that.  The neighbors would always complain when the lady got home from work: "Your dog got out again!!"  Please read the story, I don't want to give away the amazing ending.  
With my Angel Daddy Snickers