Monday, May 20, 2013

Most (unrelated) pictures ever

Tierney sent this picture of Snickers to Linda.  It was when Snicks was a younger, spry dog.  Wow, back in the day he could run for hours, hike the tallest mountains and jump as high as a cat.  It was so sad watching him get old and go lame.  He was my best buddy, Daddy and mentor.  Miss you Snikcerdoodles!!
Linda went to lunch on Sunday after church and saw this gigantic, big as her face, Rice Krispie treat.  You can't even appreciate how big it is because you can only see one side. 
After lunch, Linda stopped at her friends house for the 5K after-party to raise money for Diabetes.  This pose has become a tradition for Laura and Linda.  They were laughing so hard trying to get the model position right.  Someday Linda is going to find all their shots in this exact position and post them all together.
As usual, Linda made her bed as soon as she woke up this morning.  About 10 minutes later, this is what she found.
Upon closer examination, guess who messed up the covers? 
"It's my fort"

Goodbye Jill
Tonight after classes, Linda went to a going away dinner for her friend and boss.  Jill was the driving force behind getting Linda's second TKD school started. 

Last, but not least, there were new posters up in the 3-year old preschool hallway today when Linda went to get the kids for TKD.  You have to click on the photos to read these hysterical answers "all about my Mom."
"My Mom always says: "I love Gumbo" and she "weighs a lot of pounds"

My Mom "cooks the best cereal" and always says "bad words"