Wednesday, May 29, 2013


The cicadas are supposed to be coming any day now.  Swarms and swarms covering trees, cars, windows.  So far, we haven't seen even one cicada.  Which is good because Chimi is finally over his stomach "bug."  He'll look at the cicadas like buzzing-flying toys.  Plus, he is going to eat every single one he finds.  The bugs aren't toxic, but dogs can get sick if they gorge on them.  (Chimi is a gorger for sure!) Little dogs can also choke on the wings and legs.  Some dogs are allergic to the shells too.  Then there is the whole noise anxiety issue.  It's supposed to be loud, kind of like a constant thunderstorm. Linda HAS to get me a Thundershirt in the next few days.
  There are a lot of cool recipes for cooking cicadas.  You can make everything from appetizers to desserts.  The bugs have a lot of protein and have a nutty, almond flavor. (Linda just priced some almond butter Sunday, it was $14.99.  Hmmmm...maybe?)  The females have more meat on them and it's recommended to catch the bugs early in the day while its cool. 

Chocolate Cicada Cups