Saturday, May 25, 2013

A busy day and a yummy waffle

'Let's go walk... can we.....please???

Linda wants to know if its bedtime yet?  She is so tired that she is considering taking a nap even though it's 6:15 p.m.  It's been a busy Saturday.  So far today she has: Taught four classes at Gold's; mowed the entire yard (and used the string cutter thing and the clipping blower machine); cleaned the whole house; folded and put away laundry; emptied the dishwasher; ran a few errands at the store; and best of all... ate an amazing Belgium waffle that Taylor made her for lunch.  (Taylor ran 26 miles on crazy hard trails through the mountains this morning. He was feeling totally fine after.  You would have thought he walked to the mailbox and back.) 
During lunch they were talking about going mini-golfing. We have to find Taylor's little golf club so Penny can start practicing her putting skills.  Both Tierney and Taylor are great mini-golf players since they started really young.   (True story: Linda got a hole-in-one at a par 3 course totally by accident.  The rest of the time she shot 8's - 12's each hole.)

Jerry took us for a long walk while she was gone, so Chimi and I got a lot of exercise too.   Even though Linda should rest up, she really wants to take us for another walk to test out her new HR monitor.  It's even waterproof, so she can wear it to teach her aqua classes.  She is kind of number crazy.  Seeing the number of steps, calories, and checking her heart rate will be fun for her. Total since putting the new monitor on 30 minutes ago:  calories burned: 50; steps taken: 30; miles walked: 0.0; heart rate: 66.  (She's only walked to the bathroom and back.)  It took an hour trying to figure out how to program the age/weight/height function and learning how it works.  It has a basal metabolic feature, so it shows the calories burned while she is just lazing around and sleeping.