Sunday, May 26, 2013

Remember MacGyver?

It went from freezing weather yesterday to absolutely beautiful today.  We all spent some time out on the deck basking in the sunshine.  Linda really wants a hammock.  All we have are some CVS cheap folding lawn chairs and two sturdier upright chairs from Target.  Linda was able to flip one on it's side and make a MacGyver-ish lounge chair.  All she needed was some duct tape; paper clips and a piece of chewing gum!

I forgot if I told you that Chimi's better.  He went to the vet on Friday since he was feeling terrible.  Just five doses of the medicine has made a huge difference.  His energy is back, no intestinal issues and he is eating great. 

Tomorrow is like a day off for Linda.  She only has a Body Combat and a Body Pump class to teach and she'll be done early.  We are going out on the trail as soon as she gets home from classes.  She can't wait to test out the new HR monitor.  Chimi should wear a pedometer clipped on his collar.  I bet on an average day he does 10,000 steps no problem.

Time for Linda to leave for church.  She gets to watch the babies tonight in the nursery.  There are two newborns to cuddle.  After holding big girl Penelope, they feel so tiny and light.
Was she really this little?