Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hiking and Naps

Linda was just wishing she had some new Penelope pictures to post when she opened her email and found these new photos.  Of course this one made Linda a wee-bit nervous.  Sarah and Taylor love to hike, and lots of time Taylor carries Penny on his back.  This is the carry-me pack Linda got them for Christmas.  You can't really see, but Penelope is a little papoose on his back.  Taylor said after 8 miles of rock scrambling and hiking uphill, he was pretty tired.  If Linda tried this hike, she would be napping for hours.
Kind of like Chimi.  He has been snoozing on Linda's lap under the blanket.
This would be such a cute setting. Linda has a metal pail and Pen has pink cowboy boots.  Now we just need a straw hat.  In a few weeks Linda's grass will look just like this straw, so we can take the photo in the backyard.