Friday, May 10, 2013

Tuckerd Out

It's been a long, but wonderful day for Linda.  Even though she is t i r e d (from only 6 hours of sleep) and s o r e from teaching.  Sarah and Taylor decided to go on an adventure today.  There is a mountain not too far from us called Old Rag.  (Very weird name for a mountain trail.  It sounds like a mechanics shop.)  They took amazing photos, but Sarah hasn't uploaded them yet, so I have to use a generic shot. This one of the rocks on their hike.
The rock is totally suspended in mid-air.
 Since they left early for the hike, Linda drove over to their house at 6:30 a.m. so they could get on the road.  It was so fun for her to be there when Penny woke up.  She gave her Nana the biggest smile ever.  During breakfast, Penny was making all sorts of faces and talking a mile-a-minute.
Breakfast with Nana in fun!
 Linda had 3 classes to teach, so Penny went to visit with her Granny for awhile while Linda went to the gym.  As soon as the second class was over, Linda raced back over to pick Penny up.  Granny had worn her out with toys, games and yummy food.  As soon as Linda put her in the crib, she fell asleep. Taylor and Sarah got back just before she had to teach her third class.
Check out my plump lips and super smooth complexion. 
They had a great time on their hike, but it tuckered them out.  I think everyone (including Chimi who did about 10 miles worth of walks with PW) will sleep well tonight.  Don't feel sorry that I had to stay home and miss the fun.  It's super relaxing to have the house all to myself.