Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chimi Antics

Remember last week when Chimi went to the vet?  He had to take two pills a day to cure his intestinal bug.  The first few doses didn't go well.  He would spit it out of every single food she wrapped it in. He wasn't fooled one bit.  Finally, Linda wrestled him onto his back and stuffed it down his throat with her fingers. (He never once tried to bit her or growl.. good dog!)  It was stressful for them both, so she started waiting until right before his breakfast and dinner to do the pill.  The last 6 doses, he would run to the bedroom and roll on his back for the pill.  Wow!  Linda was so impressed.  He wouldn't fight her, just swallow the pill and lick his lips then run into the bathroom to wait for Linda to put the food down.  (We both eat in separate bathrooms with the doors closed since we don't like to share.) 

                  Imagine how surprised she was today when she found this while she was cleaning!
You have to look closely since the pills are the same color as the floor.  He was running straight into the bathroom and spitting the pills out behind the toilet!! It was all of 10 seconds between Linda giving him the pill and putting the bowl down.  

Chim was napping on the Big Bed when she found the pills.  She said "Chimmmmiiii..." (in her mean voice)  He immediately jumped off the bed to run and hide.
He must think the blanket is camouflage and Linda can't see him.

What pills?