Friday, May 3, 2013

More Chipmunk Problems

How could you kill this?
Over the years, we've had our share of little chipmunks taking up residence in our flowerbeds and yard.  Remember the story of the orphaned baby chipmunks?   That caused Linda more stress than you could imagine.  We also have had some chipmunks who sit on the front step and look in our glass door.  Linda has fed them over the years (stale cereal, wilted lettuce and milk.. very unchipmunk like food.)  It's probably generations of the same family year after year.  They are just so super cute.  When she rescued the orphan babies, lots of people told her they were like rats and to kill them. They said how much damage they can cause to your house.  Whatever, she wasn't going to kill them dead. She likes to think that those same babies are now the adults who live in our flower bed....

EXCEPT  today she found out they have moved from the flower bed into our garage.  Not so good.  Our garage door is over 30 years old and barely goes up and down.  It's on Linda's list of things to replace (along with the roof and deck.)
 You can see the little doorway they chewed.  When Linda pulled in the driveway this afternoon, our little friend scampered inside.  Linda really likes all wildlife, just not in our house.  She doesn't want to stop the hole up because then they won't be able to get back out. What if there is a nest of babies and they starve to death without their mom?  What should we do??