Thursday, May 23, 2013

Green Acres

Yikes.  Wouldn't want to meet this bird in a dark ally.
Pile of pigs
When Linda was little, she went to a petting farm park just like the one that she went to today.  There were the same kind of animals: pigs, sheep, goats, cows, chickens, turkeys.  Linda had a weird feeling seeing them then, and she had the same feeling today. There is something so creepy to her about animals in a pen or cage.  Some zoos (with small cages for big animals) and the circus bother her too.  Born-free cows in a field or pigs in a big regular sty are fine.  Linda has been vegetarianish all her adult life (at times adding seafood, other times total vegan) because of her early exposure to a pile of pigs.   Last year she took Noah to the petting farm and it barely bothered her.  Once someone made some shrimp that still had the tail attached and she couldn't eat fish for a long time.  She is weird.
She will have nightmares about this pig tonight.
This rooster thing was terrifying,  The hanging red stuff makes her cringe
Penny agreed with her Nana.  She didn't smile once while she was at the petting farm.  She was bland, totally uninterested in getting near or engaging the animals close enough to the fence to pet.  I doubt she'll become a vegetarian over it though. Sarah grew up on the farm, raising these kind of animals. Penny was just too young for her farm-girl genes to shine.
"I'm not impressed"
"How close is that goat?"

As soon as she got back in the car, she perked right up driving to meet Taylor for lunch.  She was happy, smiling the entire time they ate.  (Sarah said it was the best meal she has had in forever!)
"Now this is the life!"
"Going to go for a bike ride, wanna come?"