Thursday, May 16, 2013

Plott Hound Playmate

"But I WANT the puppy!"
Penelope and her Nana had a great time today.  They went for a walk with "Bob" as soon as Linda got there.  (Bob is a jogging stroller.  If you are a runner and have a baby, you need a Bob too.)  Penny was getting sleepy when the looped back around to come home and was dozing off until she heard the puppy.  It was a little Plott Hound.  The puppy was so adorable and playful. (The lady had it off leash which isn't very smart when you are close to a street.)  It tried to eat Linda's shoelaces.  Penny even practiced her "down" sign.  I wish Linda took a picture of the pup.  It was a little smaller than Chimi but it's paws were the size of my head.  It's going to grow into a big dog!

They had been gone awhile, it was hot and almost lunch time.  Linda tried to put her back in the stroller (unsuccessfully.)  There was no way she was leaving that puppy!  Linda had to push the stroller and carry her a few houses before Penny would get down and walk.  When they got back to the TH, she was still pointing back down the street to go see the pup. 
This is what the puppy looked like.  Awww....