Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thundershirt Needed

Linda doesn't know why, but all of a sudden both Chimi and I are freaking out when there is thunder.  I even lose it with the sound of heavy rain.  Linda has tried everything to console me.  Wrapping me in a blanket, rocking me, walking me up and down the hallway... I'm shivering, panting, shedding and having major anxiety.  Chim is coping by racing around the house like a cheetah.  Your not supposed to cuddle a dog during storms because then they think there is really something to be afraid of.  How can you just let your little dog pace the floor suffering?  I really wish she bought the Thundershirt for me last week.  If this was Tierney's blog, she would have whatever product she mentioned on her doorstep tomorrow via Fed Ex special delivery.  One time I wrote about too much cat hair on the furniture and a company sent Linda a whole box of nifty products.  (Oh, and another time a company sent Linda got a giant box of energy bars when she wrote about being tired after classes.)   Please Thundershirt people, send us a shirt for a 6 pound Chorkie, and a 17 pound muscular Chihuahua.  Thanks.

Hopefully the rain will stop by tomorrow.  Linda, Sarah and Penny are planning a fun farm outing.  There are quite a few choices in the area to choose from.  Check back for some fun photos. 

Last year on the hayride Linda got nudged by a camel.