Thursday, May 9, 2013

Down Chimi

Today Linda introduced Penny to the giraffe. She wasn't remotely interested in it.  Noah LOVED this giraffe.  As soon as he came up the stairs into the living room, the first thing he would do is make a bee-line for the Mama giraffe and the baby.  The whole time he was at our house, he would carry it with him wherever he went.  Penny looked at it for a second and knocked it onto the floor.  Totally uninterested. Sarah said she doesn't like her stuffed toys very much either.  She loves to read though, since she was a wee baby.  She'll be a bookworm just like her Aunt Tier.  She also likes her favorite show.  When Linda put on the TV and the Yo Gabba Gabba  started, she broke into a huge smile and started clapping and dancing.  Pen's friend Riley came over again too.  Linda taught Penny how to do the "down" Chimi sign.  She even said "DDDn."  Riley kept saying "No Barking and Where's Choopie?."
While Linda watched the girls, Sarah totally weeded the entire flower bed.  I wish there was a before picture.  It has become a Mother's Day tradition for Sarah to do the very first weeding of the season.  Linda will keep it up, but by next Spring.. it will be full of weeds again.  Tomorrow Linda will get some more flowers to put in the bare spots.