Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stay Calm and Hide

The past few days, there have been some huge rain storms complete with thunder and lightening.  Chimi has been snoozing right through them without a care in the world.  This from a dog who freaks out if a paper towel falls to the ground near him, a plastic shopping bag touches his ear or he even thinks he is going to get in trouble for disobeying.  I've always been the laid-back, easy going dog.  After 6 years of no anxiety whatsoever during storms, I've been having massive anxiety attacks as soon as I hear the rain start.  Friday, it started so light and the thunder was so faint that Linda couldn't imagine why I was quivering, panting and shedding tons of fur.  When the boomers started, I had to be tucked under her shirt with my head hidden.  I climbed her legs like a cat to get safe in her arms. Linda had to get ready for her Care-team meeting yesterday and couldn't keep holding me.  I was stuck to her ankles whimpering.. "Make it stop!"  She felt pretty terrible leaving me in that state to make her meeting on time.   It's time for Linda to buy me a Thundershirt.

There have been testimonies of dogs who can't function during storms being totally calm while wearing the shirt.  After the last few days of having to deal with my melt-downs, the $$ will be worth it.  Thankfully, the skies are sunny and blue, so maybe it won't storm today.