Sunday, May 12, 2013

Who Knew?

Linda discovered something epic today.  If you mow your lawn every weekend, the mower doesn't become clogged, stall, smoke or bog down.  It is such a beautiful day today that after church she decided to spend some time outside.  Since she just mowed last Saturday (a disaster as usual), she was just going to lounge on the deck.  Instead, she pulled out the mower to get a little exercise.  It was so fun; plus the front and backyard took under 30 minutes!! The mower stayed on the whole time and it was super easy to push.

Most exciting blog photo yet.

Our new patch of grass is starting to peak through the dirt.  Bob the Tree Man did an excellent job grounding out the stump and roots from the dead pine tree.  The ground is totally flat.  Hopefully more little blades will continue to grow.  With all the hard rain, the dirt is mud.  Linda stepped in it by accident earlier and it felt like quicksand. Hopefully it didn't drown the seeds. 

 This is Penny's new picture face. The last 3 photos Linda took of her she made fish lips.