Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Race and a Massage

There were going to be so many Race for Hope pictures posted today on my blog but guess who forgot their camera? Fortunately the group Linda was with before the race took lots of photos. We have to wait until they are posted to FB so I can share them here.  This photo of Carol and her two sisters was from last year when it was totally sunny.  This morning it was cold.  So cold that Linda had to jump up and down to stay warm in the hour before the race started.  By the time she got home, the sun was out and it was feeling much warmer.  Besides watching the survivors start the race, Linda loves seeing the sprinters finish the 5K when most people are still at the starting line.  Today, the lead runner was cheetah-ing to the finish line exactly 15 minutes after the gun.  He was maybe 200 yards away from the finish.  The nearest person was a full 50 yards behind him!  The guy looked like he could have run 5 more miles at that pace.  How do you run that fast for 3.2 miles??

So far this morning, Linda went to the race in DC, mowed and edged the grass, cleaned the house and got a massage!  The massage lady came right to our house too!  Linda was able to work a trade with Lori; TKD lessons for massages.  (Linda is definitely getting the better deal!) 
Lori said that of all homes shes been to with pets, that I was the most well behaved dog shes ever seen.  I sat right at the foot of the table during the whole time, quite as could be.  Chimi had to stay shut in another room because he would have jumped right up on the table.  Linda really wanted to put me up there at the end to take a photo, but Lori might have gotten upset seeing a dog on her expensive massage table.  It would be amazing if Linda could get a massage every Sunday.  Her back and hamstrings already feel so much better even though it was a little painful when Lori hit the trigger points.