Monday, May 27, 2013


     This is the first day of the new heart rate monitor.  So far, Linda has gone 6.9 miles and burned:

The total includes two classes (Body Combat & Pump) and a long, fast walk with Chimi.  (I wouldn't get my leash on, so she left me home.  The second she left I started barking because I was mad she actually didn't take me.)  Linda likes her numbers exact. (At the gas pump, adding a tip on the credit card receipt, etc.) The .1 mile short and the 2 calories over is going to bug her.  See?  Wearing a pedometer and heart rate monitor can make you exercise more.  She is going back out for another walk to get the numbers less buggy.  The last time she wore a pedometer she had to do jumping jacks before bed to end the day with an acceptable number.  Linda says she's not really obsessive compulsive.  She just likes things orderly and exact.  Well, she does sometime count things (like mailboxes when she is walking) and does clean things around the house that are already clean.
Before the gym this a.m. she went into CVS to buy a bottle of water.  Look!  M&M's are on sale for .75 cents a pack. Look at the regular price:  2/$1.00.  What a great sale!

Chimi isn't too worried about the numbers on the watch or the price of M&M's.  He's pretty tired from the walk.
Update:  A total of 8.5 miles.  Chim is dogtired.