Thursday, May 30, 2013

Figuring out a new camera

"No Nana, there is too much light in this one."

"Now that the light is fixed, you actually want me to look at the camera?"

Linda is trying to learn how to work her new (old, but she never really used it) camera.  It does have a point and shoot option for no-fuss photos, but she is working with the manual settings.  So far, its been a bust.  On the simple "photos for dummies" settings, she does fine and takes OK pictures.  Today she tried to use some of the other settings.  Blah... not very successful.  It's a good thing Penelope is so cute and sweet because she wouldn't cooperate at all and sit still for Linda to get practice. 90% of the shots she took are a blur or the top of Penny's head.

 Penny's favorite thing today was reading her farm animal books.  She likes to read the same one 20 times in a row before she moves on to the next book. 
"Read it to me again!"
"Fine, be that way.  I'll read it myself"
They also did 2 miles with the "Bob" stroller.  It was over 90 degrees, but Penelope had a lot of sunscreen on and seemed to be enjoying the ride.  Linda did it interval style.  She ran 100 steps, then walked fast 100 steps.  Even if the run turn was uphill, she kept running.  (Pushing a toddler in a Bob stroller uphill is hard!)  Her t-shirt was soaking wet when they got back.  She had to take it off and let it dry for awhile so she didn't sit on Sarah's furniture all sweaty.