Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fun with Nana

Number One!

Penny had such a great time at our house today that she didn't want to leave.  First there was a walk in Noah's old stroller.  Linda thought she would be too big for it, but she had to tighten the straps as small as they would go and Penny's feet didn't even touch the foot rest.  I ran and hid when she started getting Chimi's collar on, so she left me home.  Of course the minute they got out the door I went crazy barking that they went without me.
His head is really not that big.  It's just the camera angle.
Of course Chimi had to photo bomb the picture.  He really loves Penny but Linda doesn't let him play with her unless she is sitting right on the floor next to them.  Chimi can get a little excited and Penny isn't at the rough and tumble stage yet.  Pen's not 100% sure he's not scary, so even an accidental bump might make her cry. 

Baby Ninja Turtle Battle
I'm the perfect size for baby tug of war and I always let Penelope win.  We played like this for a long time until I got tuckered out.  I went into my bed while they ate their lunch. 

She smacked her lips after each bite.

After lunch (both Chim and I kept napping) they played outside, watched Yo Gabba Gabba (or is it Yo Yo Gabba?) and did one more short stroller walk before Sarah came to get her.  I'm sure she was sound asleep in her car seat before she got home.