Monday, May 6, 2013

Friends of Carol Welsh

It's easy to find Linda in a crowd.  Look for the tallest one in the group.  To be fair, she is standing on the highest step.  At 5' 9 3/4", she's tall (but still shorter than Tierney, Sarah and Taylor!  A friend of Linda's told her that she always looks so short in family photos.)  

The security at the race and along the course was amazing.  Some of the people left their bags on the ledge where the camera person is standing for the group shot.  Within 30 seconds, a swat-team person with a bomb sniffing dog was going over the bag, jackets and water bottles.  The group had to stop posing and go get their stuff.  You couldn't leave a bag or backpack for even a second.   Yay!! for great DC cops doing their job to keep everyone safe.   Along the route, there were also private security guards from big office buildings stationed outside their glass doors even though they were all closed for business.  Every single cross street from Freedom Plaza to the Capitol and beyond had cops stationed with their patrol cars.  Linda doesn't have a lot of race experience, but Race for Hope was probably the best organized, orderly, on-time, amazing free food, most diligent security, friendliest volunteer event ever. 

Jane never stops laughing... ever.

Trying to huddle for warmth pre-race