Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday Wrap-Up

Those eyes!  That cute nose!  That purple mustache!  Penelope loves to drink her parents smoothies.  Sarah makes them with spinach, kale, apples and whatever fruit she has on hand.  She even got Linda hooked on them.  Every morning before classes, Linda makes a veggie/fruit smoothie. Lately she has been using organic carrot juice instead of water.  They are supper yummy and so healthy.  Back in the olden days, Linda would eat a bagel and cream cheese or muffin for breakfast (if she ate any at all.)  Now she craves her healthy drink instead.  She still eats some sugary desserts, like last night with her friend at Sweet Frog. 

Both Chim and I also have cut way back on our treats.  We get one little cookie 2 or 3 times a week. Half the time he eats mine before I can get to it.  In other news...
Jerry before he got a big-boy haircut.
Jerry came to walk us tonight while Linda was teaching.  He has missed the last 3 times because of work or going out of town.  It's a good thing he was able to come because Linda's quad is doing the jittery shake and shes not up to walking us.  Sometimes the tremor is mild, but tonight its jumping so hard you can actually see the muscle twitching.  It doesn't really hurt, it just feels like a dozen hamsters are running under her skin up and down the muscles. 
"Stop eating my cookies Chimi"   "Who me??"
P.S.  Update:  Linda actually googled "quadriceps muscle quivering" because it's been jumping and twitching for over an hour.  No matter how much she stretches it or shakes her leg out, the muscle is spazzing out.  Dr. Google said it could be everything from emotional stress (not in Linda's case); lack of fiber??, over-training & fatigue or dehydration.  Linda is thinking it's the last two since she did a bunch of classes today.