Friday, May 31, 2013


Twice a week Linda teaches a 3-6 year old fitness class at Gold's.  Sometimes she has up to 25 little kids all eager to "Drive the Car"; be robots in "Transformers"; get their inner "Pirate" on; and many other fun routines.  Two of their favorite are "Going to the Circus" and "Prancing Ponies."  In both routines, they pretend they are circus ponies and prance, trot, gallop and jump over obstacles.  And yes, Linda does the whole thing with them.  She loves teaching it even though the weight-lifters watch her through the glass windows with a somewhat quizzical look.

This morning, look what she saw on the news.  The hottest new fitness trend: Prancersize.  Linda is NOT poking fun of her or the video.  There are other blogs who are dissing this woman and laughing.  As a prancer herself, Linda says the pony part of the workout is the hardest song in class.  (You do have to build up to speed and jump high over the "barrels")   If you don't want to watch the full 5 minutes fast forward to 1:25 for the Trot; 2:30 for the Gallop and especially 3:45 for the Prancing Pony Kickboxer.  

The second favorite routine is pretending to be different animals.  Each kid calls out something different like:  flamingo, zebra, T-Rex, alligator, rattle snake; baboon; cheetah.... They hop, slither, sprint, roll and jump around mimicking that animal to different songs.   I'm thinking Linda better get on the ball and start her own "Animalercize: Find Your Inner Animal" program before someone else becomes famous.

True story:  When Linda gets a new Body Combat routine, she puts her headphones on when she walks us.  She does the exact same kind of motions as this video, practicing the routine while kicking and punching in the air.  She's even been known to sit in Starbucks with her iPod while she air punches and does little kicks.   Linda has to work on better outfits and doing her hair though if she wants to look this cool.