Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Unibrows: Stay Away

It's day one of the New Year.  We are not a "making resolutions" kind of family.  Linda isn't making any "lose 10 pounds"; "workout"; "get out of debt"; or "find the love of your life" kind of resolutions.  She also isn't one for traditions (but she does like a certain amount of routine.)  Some of the people at the gym were talking about how unlucky it is to eat chicken on January 1st.  Its a good think Linda isn't superstitious, or Chimi and I would not be happy since we have chicken everyday!  The saying is if you eat chicken you will be poor and have to scratch in the dirt like a chicken all year.  But if you eat pork, you will root forward and be rich.  How did Linda live her whole life and never once hear these sayings? 

How can people look at little pigs then go eat a BLT?

She got curious if there were anymore superstitions so she checked google and found out a few more. The first person to walk in your house after midnight should be a tall, dark, handsome man bearing gifts. (Taylor is tall and handsome, but not really dark.)  A blond or a redhead female brings disaster.  Also, the first person crossing your doorstep should not be cross-eyed or have a unibrow.  Doing laundry or washing dishes is also very, very bad.  Well, so far Linda has fed us chicken, washed dishes and done laundry.  She doesn't have any tall, dark and handsome male friends right now and to her knowledge, doesn't expect anyone cross-eyed or unibrowed to come over.  That just leaves the blond or redhead female.  It's a good thing Linda doesn't believe in any of this because the next blond female to come in our house will probably be Penny!
"Nana!  You better let me in!"