Friday, January 17, 2014

Hi Ho-Hi Ho

"Wash, wash, wash..."
Linda always forgets that Penny isn't even two years old yet.  She has such a big vocabulary and does things that kids don't show interest in until they are older.  For the past year she has loved cleaning.   Not just helping by pretend cleaning, but really doing an OK job.  The other night she helped Linda do laundry and empty the dishwasher.  Since Linda doesn't let her use the spray bottle of cleaner, she'll say "More" when she wants Nana to pretend-squirt some on whatever appliance front she is washing.  This week she discovered doing the dishes is fun!  
"Is that all Mama?"
Of course it makes more work for Sarah since she has to follow after her to clean up her water messes, but that is how little kids learn!  Penny also loves to help bake.  She put a little too much nutmeg (OK, emptied the bottle) in the cookies Taylor was making, but they were able to scoop it out of the bowl and the cookies turned out fine. 
"You missed a spot, I'll get it!"
If you tell her to go put away her toys, she does it quickly and without complaining. She is in constant motion (except if one of her good "shows" is on, but Sarah doesn't let her watch much TV, only when Penny is sick and doesn't feel well enough to play.) 
She has been battling a cold and congestion for a few weeks
At the end of a busy day cleaning and playing, there is nothing quite like getting your Minnie Mouse slippers on and kicking back to relax. 
"Aunt Tier taught me that pink goes with leopard"

No wonder Penelope likes Snow White!