Monday, January 20, 2014

Black Beauty and a Garmin Record

First, we'll do Black Beauty.
A life size horse!  See the tiny ketchup bottle?
Linda took Tierney to Clyde's for a pre-birthday celebration lunch today.  Clyde's is an all-American type restaurant that serves all-American type food.  It's at a nice town center where they could see everyone ice skating in the rink right out the window.  There are three rooms:  The horse room, the nautical room and the old-time airplane room.  Guess where they sat?   Linda got the baked apple, walnut, goat cheese salad.  Tier had some sort of she-crab soup and they shared a flat-bread with walnuts, honey, and blue cheese. (Tier made the "OK, this is strange" face.  Linda loved the tangy, sweet, crunchy combination of flavors.)
The goat cheese was fried!  YUM!!
Linda stopped in at The Red Velvet Cupcakery after they ate but came out empty-handed.  Honestly, the cupcakes were small and expensive so she passed.  It did inspire her to make some sort of cupcake this afternoon though.  Maybe a Red Velvet?

Now for the Garmin record.  It was finally nice enough for Linda to run outside.  She taught her Pump and Combat, and then just stayed in her workout clothes that were already sweaty.  (No sense double the laundry, right?)  Chimi just begged and whined to go with her, so she caved and took him. BAD MOVE.  Or should I say NO MOVE?  He was just terrible today.  Here's where the record comes in.  Yesterday, Linda shaved another 30 seconds off her 5K time... 28:10.  Today she was going to try to shave 30 more seconds off.  (So far every time she has tried to beat her previous run, her time has gotten better.)   She should have known taking him was a mistake.  It was the slowest run of her life! In the exact same time, 28 minutes, she only was able to run 2.25 miles and it was the worst Garmin run she has had yet.  Thanks Chimi.  Linda even found a light stick on the trail to encourage him to go faster.  Of course she didn't hit him (don't worry), but she did use it to hit the ground behind him.  It would speed him up for 5 seconds, then he would stop and flop.  If she ever gets another dog, it's going to be a good running companion.
Yes, that was running (trying to run anyway) the whole time.
"But wouldn't you rather have a good cuddle companion?"