Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cold: day 2

Linda hasn't been feeling much like eating because of her cold.  She has had a blah appetite for two days but needed to eat at least something to refuel from teaching her classes since she was feeling weakish.  It would have been so easy to just go to bed, but instead she put together a quick plate of grapes, pita chips and a tortilla.  Not the best meal she ever made.  What's the saying "Feed a cold, starve a fever" or is it "Starve a cold, feed a fever?" Ugh, eating when you can't taste anything is just not fun. 

 Eating when you feel good is much more fun! Penny loved Sarah's smoothie today and didn't want to give it back to her once she had a sip.  I'm sure she was saying "Ohhhh, so tasty Mommy!"
Look at her adorable curls! 

You can't find me Mama!
Sarah said Penny hid from her in the laundry basket today.  She must have climbed up on the sofa and slid inside.  What a scamp!
I'm hiding inside my new bed.