Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hit and Miss

We had our walk with Jerry this morning.  He tries to come most Saturday's while Linda is teaching all her classes.  When Linda and Jerry got divorced, they stayed friends.  I was really Jerry's dog, but he let me live with Linda.  *Well, and also because she would have probably not given him a choice if he didn't offer. HA!

Jerry plays with me like he is another pup.
Sometimes I go to his TH for a sleepover.  I pretty much have him wrapped around my paw.

Linda tried out a couple of knew baking recipes this afternoon.  She loves her new mixer so much! It is so easy to use and does such a fabulous job.  The first recipe came out delicious.  They are Toffee-Blondie Brownie bars.  4 stars.  They would have been 5, but she used the wrong size pan to cook them and they are too thin. These were a hit!

Since most of the ingredients were out and the kitchen was already a mess, she made these chocolate chip cookies.  About 5,000 people reviewed the online recipe and everyone loved them.  Except they just didn't work for Linda.  There wasn't enough flour.  (Yes, she was careful to check and recheck to make sure the ingredient amounts were correct.  She never made cookies were the dough was that sticky and wet, but all those people couldn't be wrong.) 
The cookies spread too much, were as thin as paper, wouldn't brown, and all the chocolate chips puddled in the middle of the cookie. Before she put more in the oven, she added a cup more flour.

This batch was puffier, but they still didn't brown properly.  These are a miss.  They actually don't taste bad though.  Maybe she could crumble them up and use them as a mix-in for her banana ice cream!

It's been a whole week since Linda has done any running.  The cold/sickness just wore her down.  Tomorrow she is going to get back to her training, but won't be pushing for a new low time or extra miles.  If she wants to keep eating all these desserts, she better lace up those running shoes and strap on her Garmin!
Check out what's for dinner.  Roasted yellow & red mini peppers topped with Cous-Cous, kale, tomatoes, corn and mozzarella cheese.  And a Blondie for dessert!  (Chimi and I are having chicken..surprise!)