Thursday, January 9, 2014

No Pictures :(

Linda is LOVING spending time with Penny on their Thursday play dates.  She has always loved it,  but now that she is a big-girl  and 21 months old, it's even more fun!

 There are so many pictures I wanted to post, but the blogger interface isn't working again!  It says I need to sign into my google storage to post a picture (from my own library of photos?) and then it won't let me access it when I sign into the google account.  Is anyone else having this issue?  It's some new thing that I've never seen before.  Yikes, I might have to just do posts with no pooch or Penny pictures until I figure it out! 

OK, we had to sign in using Explorer and not the normal browser we use.  The pictures are looking terrible (in the posting view) and we can only choose one at a time.  To post the next picture, you have to go through the entire process from the start.  ANNOYING.  It was worth it to show you these from today though.

"Make me a fort Nana." 

She kept saying HIKE! HIKE!

Princess Book
Linda was cracking-up when they got to this page of the book.  Penny loves to eat soup, and gets really excited when she gets to this page.  Penny kept saying "OH NO, Where's the microwave?" over and over.  Sarah always heats her soup in the microwave and not a pot, so it was really confusing to why Tinana wasn't cooking the soup right. 
This is from the other day.  She put her swimsuit on top of her footie-pj's and hid in the corner brushing her teeth with her Thomas Train toothbrush!