Monday, January 20, 2014

Linda's Cupcakery

Going into the bakery today got Linda's cupcake craving going.  Instead of doing a chocolate or something she has done before, she picked a Brown Butter Toasted Coconut recipe.  Lucky for her, she had all the ingredients in the pantry and fridge. 
She could have left them under the broiler a little longer to brown more, but the butter was oozing out of the muffin tin into the bottom of the oven.  The recipe called for 12 cupcakes, but she really had batter for 13 and overfilled them a bit.  Anyway, they are DELICIOUS!  Moist and rich and probably about 500 calories each.
Linda's My Fitness Pal exercise calories burned today:  1,282!  Splurge earned!!

Linda was talking to Tierney about Chimi's inability to run on a leash.  Tier made a good point.  Maybe Chimi is a "special" dog and she shouldn't try to mold him into her idea of what a dog should be.  After all, she doesn't make me run since my legs are only a few inches long plus I have breathing issues.  Chimi is physically a beast, but mentally he isn't all there.  Linda decided to take him back out this afternoon and only walk.  Boy-oh-boy, was he a happy camper to just walk.  He was going fast and leading the way. No flops, skids to a stop or melt-downs.  Remember earlier today they did 2.25 miles in 28 minutes?  This afternoon they did 2.25 miles in 35 minutes.  That's only 6 minutes slower.
 The 35 minutes includes pee stops (for Chimi, not Linda), smelling 30 mailbox posts, and stopping to wait and cross a 4-lane busy road twice!  I guess from now on she won't make him run unless he wants to.

Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.  But today 50's degree weather was so nice! Linda sure enjoyed being outside today enjoying the beautiful skyline! 

Sunrise this morning

Sunset this evening