Friday, January 10, 2014

Hey Sarah, It's Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Sarah!  Taylor is treating her to very special dinner in DC.  You know what that means?  We get to have Penny stay with us!  Yay!!  She is having so much fun playing with me.  She chases me from bed to bed and makes sure I'm covered with my blankets.  As soon as she tucks me in, I run to another bed and she follows me to start the process all over.  She keeps saying "Silly Dog" and laughing.  Chimi is a little too excited for her.  She gets nervous when he darts around the house and says "I afraid Nana!" but then stomps her feet and laughs in excitement.  Linda could get used to this.  Unfortunately we didn't get the crib set up in time, so she isn't spending the whole night.  Maybe next week! 

For Christmas, one of her friends gave her a gift card to Cold Stone.  She's only been there once or twice years ago when it first opened.  Since she worked out most of the day, she decided to treat herself.  It was good.. but she likes the non-fat; sugar free yogurt at Sweet Frog almost better.  If she would have looked up the calories first, she never would have given the gift card to Taylor.  A medium "Love It" 8 oz size of the flavor she ordered was 1,300 calories!!  To burn that off Linda would need to run about 2 hours.  What?  That is just plain crazy.  There isn't an ice cream flavor on this earth that is worth that many calories in one cup.  Plus, it was $6.00.   
Love it?  Not so much.