Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Italian Roots

 Snow day, again.  Two more classes canceled for Linda this morning.  So frustrating but there is nothing she can do about it since its not her decision if the gym holds classes.  At least her 2 afternoon classes will be on.  Shoveling is always a good workout in a pinch, but unfortunately it doesn't pay the bills.  This morning was the easiest shoveling job ever.  The snow was so light and powdery.

I guess Linda's 1/2 Italian roots were deeper than she thought.  The pizza came out amazing!  She has to work on her dough rolling and shaping skills though.  It was hard to get it into a perfect circle and she didn't make the edges thick enough.  The crust consistency was perfect.  It has the right amount of crisp to hold all the toppings; but still was chewy and soft.  The sauce was simple to make.  Mashed fresh tomatoes, olive oil, roasted garlic, seasonings and a little tomato paste.  The toppings:  fresh mozzarella, artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes.  Even though she separated the dough into 4 mini-balls, one dough made enough pizza for two meals. 
Such great photography skills.. (not.)