Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blond Moment and Achy Hair

Linda can only remember one time before that her scalp hurt when she was sick.  The actual hair roots are achy. This has been a weird sickness.  During the night and in the morning she feels the worse.  When she is sitting still or laying down, she can't be more than 4" from a box of tissues.  She coughs and sneezes non-stop.  While she is standing and moving around, her sinus and head don't seem as stuffy.  Chimi loves that she isn't feeling great.  He has his favorite snuggle place on her lap.
Linda hasn't run in a week (he is happy about that!) but he has been having short walks.

Remember the toaster-oven and mixer that broke last week?  Yesterday, Linda tried to use the blender and discovered it was broken too!  What!! Her Ninja blender is one of her favorite kitchen things.  Wait, the electric can opener didn't work either.  DUH! Serious blond moment (sorry Penny!) It wasn't the appliances at all.  All the kitchen wall sockets were flipped off!  She never thought to check the breaker when the mixer stopped mid-cake batter. The next day when she tried to use the toaster oven, it still didn't dawn on her.  The mixer is long gone in the trash, but she still had the toaster oven.  Once she realized what it was and pressed re-set, success!  We still need a mixer, but saved a bunch of $$ on having to buy a new oven.  
"Nana, I never have a blond moment!  I'm so smart!"