Saturday, January 4, 2014

Yep, it's still cold out

Penny has the right idea.  She is cozy and warm inside her blanket fort wearing footie PJ's and reading a book.  Earlier this morning, Linda felt like she had Popsicle fingers while she was trying to deice her car window so she could drive to the gym.  The temperature was 8 degrees, not including windchill.  Pretty cold.  It seemed like everyone else in our town also braved the freezing cold to come to the gym.  Classes were packed, even her Aqua boot camp!

For lunch, Linda ate the rest of her spinach ravioli and then whipped up another batch of banana ice cream.  This time she used the Ninja blender.  Much easier.  Who knew frozen bananas and a few mix-in's could taste so amazing?  She still couldn't wait for it to refreeze, so she ate it as soon as it was blended. She is going to branch out and try to add some other fruits like frozen peaches and raspberries. 

Penny loves the carousel and the train at the mall, especially if she gets to ride with Aunt Tier!