Friday, January 3, 2014

Ice Cream Weather

I'm so glad Linda's got some exercise today, because Chim and I sure haven't.  We don't want to even go outside to pee, let alone take any walks.  Linda has to put her boots and coat on to walk us down the deck steps or we just stand at the top too afraid (or cold!) to move.  

Speaking of cold, our area is supposed to be record breaking cold... like 20 to 30 degrees below normal!  Wow, what a perfect time to make ice cream!  Linda has been wanting to make the frozen banana ice cream that has been floating around Pintrest lately.  She tweaked the recipe and added chocolate chips; Trader Joe's PB-Chocolate Cookie Butter; and coconut to the frozen bananas.  First off, you need a waaaaay stronger food processor than Linda has.  It took a long time to blend and she even had to add a little almond milk to it so the blade would actually puree the bananas.  Secondly... it's amazingly delicious!!  So good that she didn't wait the full two hours for it to freeze before she had to eat a bowl.
Watch out Cold Stone, there is a new ice cream maker in town!
 Since Linda is on a mission to use up everything we have in the cabinets, she decided to make some nutritious breakfast cookies using oatmeal; raisins, coconut, PB and mini chocolate chips.  (OK maybe not low calorie.. but really good!)  They came out soft, chewy and very yummy.  The key will be to eat just one or two a day and not the entire batch by Sunday.

Guess what Taylor and Sarah bought us this afternoon?  A crib! Linda has been wanting to get one for a long time since Penny is too big for a porta-crib.  Now she just needs to find a crib mattress and some linens.  Taylor is going to come back over and help her set it up.  Tierney and Taylor's old nursery is going to be transformed back into a nursery for Penny and her soon to be born baby brother.

Taylor was a BIG baby!