Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow in the forcast

School is already canceled tomorrow (there is about 2" of snow and more is on the way.)  That means Linda's morning classes are canceled, maybe the noon and 4:30 too if gets icy.  A whole day off from teaching is usually wonderful, but she has missed a lot of classes with all the holidays falling on days she teaches.  Her body (and checkbook) really need the classes not to be canceled.

Linda was totally lame and didn't take any pictures today.  This is from when Penny was little.
Penny was a riot today.  She is saying such funny things!  She loves her blocks, tool set and coloring book.  Her new favorite thing is building forts and reading her books tucked away inside.   She also loves burping her doll and pretending to change its diaper (complete with using a tissue to clean her up.)  

Check out this beautiful salad Linda made for lunch!  Dinner was amazing too.  It seems like so long ago that Linda ate frozen stuff and cereal most meals.  Now she loves cooking and making up recipes.
Dinner: Spinach ravioli with a fresh basil-spinach-cherry tomato-roasted garlic sauce.  All stuff we had on hand.
The goal is for Linda to use up all the food in the freezer, fridge and cabinets before she buys anymore.  She might have to do some creative recipes and unusual combinations.  Check back to see what else she puts together.
Last year's snow storm.  Not a happy pooch.
Linda just realized she has been in the same workout clothes since 8:00 a.m.  That is pretty gross.  Especially since she ran a few miles on the treadmill; taught Kid Fit; TKD; and a Body Pump class.  It's all the Nike Hyperwarm tights fault.  They are so comfortable and warm she doesn't want to ever take them off.  Don't worry, she'll take a shower before bed.