Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just Saving Lives

How come its so much colder in the house when Linda sets the heat at 68 instead of 70?  The two-degrees that she lowered it before she left for church about made us Pup-sicles!  She went ahead and put it back to 70 when she got home. We can already feel the heat kicking in and the house getting warmer.  In the meantime, thank goodness for thick blankets! 
"Mister, Mister... are you OK?"

Linda is so glad she went to her CPR training today.  There has been a lot of changes in the way CPR is done, so it is important to stay current.  The important part is learning how to use the AED or automated external defibrillator.  It was an option to stay and do the Infant CPR training, but its something she really wanted to learn.  Only 5 of the 17 people in her class stayed, so each person got their own baby. 
Don't worry Penny, Nana loves you best
There was time after the training for Linda to come home to shower and eat before church.  Ever since Tierney posted the picture of the Nutella Belgium waffle she had on Saturday, Linda has been craving one in the worst way, so she decided to make her own..  There wasn't any Nutella, but she used chocolate chips and whipped cream as toppings instead. They turned out pretty amazing.  The key is to beat the egg whites into frothy peaks and then gently fold them into the other ingredients.
Halfway done!
This Belgian Waffle maker is about 25 years old.  She hasn't used it in over 20 years, but it heated right up when she plugged it in!  Half way through cooking she added the chocolate chips and then cooked it another minute.  Next time she'll mix the chips in the batter. She was afraid it would make the iron too hard to clean.  Instead of regular milk (which Linda doesn't keep in the house) she used vanilla sugar-free almond milk.  The recipe said it was for ten waffles, but it only made five. Oh well, they should freeze OK and will make great toaster oven meals when she gets home from late night classes.

Something funny happened to Linda while she was at the gym today.  She got to the CPR class an hour early so she could run.  The only treadmill available in the cardio-cinema was the first row about 2' in front of the giant screen.  Linda has pretty bad vertigo and motion sickness, so it's a little disconcerting for her to be that close to the action.  At one point in the movie the actress tripped and fell down the steps.  While the actress was tripping, Linda thought she was the one actually tripping and she stumbled on the treadmill! It was so embarrassing because everyone saw her almost face-plant.  It's a good thing it was so dark, maybe no one recognized who she was.