Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just how cold is it?

It is so cold in Chicago that the zoo polar bear Anna had to be kept inside!  It's because she is on a diet and has less fat than regular polar bears, but still.  When it is too cold to let your polar bear roam around outside, you better watch out!

 The blogger interface seems to be working this morning.  It might have been buggy do to the Polar Vortex (it's such a cool thing to say, "We are in the midst of a Polar Vortex") that caused it to freeze.  Who knows?  It's working today so I can post the picture from yesterday.
Because you haven't seen enough photos of just how cold it is in Virginia, this is truth.. zero degrees.  Of course you have to add the Polar Vortex wind chill to that.  (I guess it would be subtract, not add since it made the number lower.)  Linda is very, very prepared for being outside in the cold since she hates it so much.  If she wore her two rated -45 below zero LL Bean parkas layered, she would be prepared for -90 degrees.  Don't worry, she only wore one to the gym.. plus a fleece, hyperwarm tights with heavy jeans on top, long sleeve shirt, scarf, hat, ski glove-mitten (she lost one glove and one mitten, but at least she has a right and left), wool socks and Ugg style boots.  That was to walk from our house to the car and then 40 yards from the gym parking lot into the building.  Once she got into the gym, the heat was on full force so taking all those layers back off to regular workout clothes wasn't an issue.    P.S. if you want the warmest coat of your life, LL Bean has the Baxter State Parka on sale right now for $189 (just two colors though.)  If the red one ever goes on sale, she is so buying it!  Linda actually had a third Baxter parka (yes, same exact model) but she impulsively gave it away right off her back to a homeless person a few years ago when it was freezing.

I get to benefit from the warm coat during winter walks too!