Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bruder's Bath

It's a good thing Linda checked her email this morning before leaving for her two classes. They were canceled since school was delayed.  It was in the teens when she woke up, not even as cold as yesterday!  She had a very productive day though.  The future nursery is now ready for the crib to be set up.  Now all we need is some crib sheets.  We still have Taylor's crib blankets from when he was a baby. Sarah is busy getting her nursery set up for Pen's brother.  Penny got a new toddler bed and she loves it!  She also has been having a blast helping out.
"Just testing it out to be sure it's comfy"

She says "This is baby bruder's' bath."  Oh dear Penny, it just doesn't see that long ago that you were the one taking a bath in this tub!
"Nana! This picture is embarrassing!"