Saturday, January 11, 2014

Giant cupcakes and small appliance woes

When Sarah and Taylor came back from their amazing dinner, they bought Linda a Carrot Cake treat.  Not a cupcake, and not a cake... but a size between the two.  Linda was going to put me next to it for scale, but she was sure I would lick the icing while she took the picture.  Its already all in her tummy. How can you possibly not eat all the carrot cake in one sitting? 
Taylor got the Red Velvet flavor.  You can see how he can't even get his mouth around it!  
Not pictured:  The giant brownie and s'more bar that they also enjoyed

I'm so glad Sarah and Taylor got to go out for such a nice dinner.  Penny loved staying with us. When Chimi would sprint around the house she would say "Whoa!... what's your hurry?"  When Linda asked her what she wanted to eat she goes "Oh, let's see here..." and went to the fridge.  At this age, everyday she says something funny.   She makes Linda laugh all the time.

Our toaster oven broke this afternoon.  Most people probably could live their whole lives without a toaster oven, but Linda uses ours almost every meal.  Our microwave stopped working last year and she didn't replace it.  Instead, she heats/cooks/broils everything in the old toaster oven.  The big oven takes so long to preheat and its such a waste of energy; plus is too time consuming to do something like heat one slice of pizza .  Oh, and yesterday she was making cakes for her church meeting.  Mid way through beating the cake batter, the electric mixer died.  It looks like she'll be replacing both the toaster oven and the mixer tomorrow.  Since things break in threes, she is hoping the coffee maker or blender doesn't go on the fritz too!
RIP toaster oven, you served us well.