Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dough Babies

It's still snowing.  It hasn't stopped since earlier this morning, but surprisingly the snow is not really that deep, nothing like a few years ago when our car was totally covered.  Linda still had to shovel a path on the deck, the stairs and a patch of grass (three times total so far) so we could go out in the backyard.
It's not really that cold outside, but Linda wasn't taking any chances so she bundled up in her sub-zero outfit to shovel. 

All her classes were canceled today, but she was super productive.  Before the roads were totally snow-covered, she went to the store to pick up a few groceries.  Then cleaned the house, made some killer baked mac-n-cheese for future meals, and finally made some pizza dough.  It might not have come out right, but since its the first time she ever tried making dough, she won't know until she bakes it.  Instead of one big crust, she made 4 little baby ones.  Tomorrow she will make her first totally from scratch pizza. 
Before picture.  It has to rise for 3 hours.