Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Prima Penelope

It's been awhile since we reported a cable TV issue. Every few months something goes wrong.  Linda only watches cable TV (Hulu is different) about once every two weeks, so she never knows how long it was actually broken.  She wanted to catch-up on White Collar and found out that surprise! there wasn't any audio.  The TV audio isn't broken because Hulu was working fine.  The repair people were able to fix it remotely, so no service visit was necessary. She actually almost knows the serial number on the cable box by heart since she has had to report so many problems. It's a good thing Sarah keeps sending Linda a steady stream of Penny photos, it keeps things in perspective.  How can you get irritated at snafu's with such cute pictures to look at? 

Check out those ballerina toes! A future Prima Ballerina

  Linda hasn't been cooking to many new recipes lately.  (Not counting the waffles on Sunday!)  She is using up all the freezer meals she made before she cooks something new or just eating fresh salads.   Desserts, that's another story.  Today for lunch she had some Berry Shortcake.  The biscuits weren't homemade and she didn't put sugar in the berries to make them syrupy, but it still hit the spot!
Very patriotic looking.