Saturday, January 25, 2014

53 Days Til Spring

Pizza party!
Sarah made another one of her amazing pizzas for dinner last night.  It's Linda's absolute favorite kind of pizza ever.  There is a layer of blue cheese, mozzarella, kale, mushrooms and broccoli.  Sarah and Penny had pepperoni (or as Penny says "peckeroni")  on theirs.  Taylor was at a basketball game with his team, so it was just the girls for an impromptu dinner party. 

It is so cold that even the big L.L. Bean coat isn't really warm enough for Linda. The town next to us is already reporting a light snowfall.  Please, no!  We don't want any more snow.  Poor Chimi is stir-crazy because he hasn't been having walks.  The freezing temps could damage his paws on the icy sidewalks.  Plus, Chihuahua's are always cold (even big Chi's!)  He is still shivering from our 1 minute backyard visit that happened almost 10 minutes ago.
Must. Snuggle. Now.

Linda just never gets tired of waking up to a beautiful sky.  Her morning "quite time" chair faces right towards the morning sunrise. She actually went outside on the front step in the bitter cold wearing her robe and slippers to snap a photo. 
Good Saturday Morning!
"I did it!  I did it Nana!!"