Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Running with Tom Cruise

There are no pink-red-orange skylines today.  This is what is outside our front door right now:
Just a wee-bit of snow lightly falling.  The roads are fine. The government, schools and Linda's morning classes were still cancelled because the know-it-all weatherman is saying "DON'T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!! 7-10" OF SNOW IS COMING!"

"Let me back inside!  It's a blizzard out here!"
  Linda woke up at 6:30 a.m. with this nagging sensation to go fill the car with gas.  It had about 38 miles still on the tank, and she planned on getting it later on this afternoon when she went out (if she went out) to teach her evening classes.  She couldn't go back to sleep because it was pinging-pinging-pinging in her mind to "go get gas right now."  How strange, but she decided to go... in her pajamas and sneakers.  After she filled-up she realized she wouldn't be getting a workout this am teaching, so she just went to the gym since she was already 1/2 way there.  It's a good thing her pj's are old workout tights and a baggy tee shirt.  She ran in the pitch black cardio-cinema because she looked like she just got out of bed... which she did so no surprise there.  An action movie was playing where Tom Cruise is running from the bad guys for 30 minutes straight.  Linda pretended she was dodging bullets and ran fast right along with him!  Thanks Tom for making Linda faster!!

All the running made her super hungry (she didn't eat breakfast or even drink water before she left the house.)  What's better than hot oatmeal on a cold morning? 
Hot oatmeal with fresh blackberries, walnuts and cream- that's what!  If the storm gets bad and Linda really is stuck home today, she is going to have to battle the 11 remaining cupcakes from ending up in her belly.