Sunday, January 5, 2014

A New Monster in the House

Not that Linda was too surprised, but Chimi had an absolute meltdown tonight. This time it wasn't from a DVD case touching his fur or the edge of a book brushing his back.  It wasn't from a plastic bag blowing in the wind or the vacuum noise.  Not the swiffer mop, laundry basket or Linda dropping her car keys.  What set him off was when Linda carried the new crib mattress into the house.  At first he barked at it, then he tried to come down the steps to check it out.  Linda moved it a little bit so she could take her boots off and that is when he freaked out.

So threatening, right? 
"Quick, run and hide! It's the Mattress Monster!"

 Sarah found the crib mattress (to go with the crib they picked up Friday) on Craigslist.  Linda drove to get it after church.  This week she is going to set up the nursery so Penny can have a sleepover!  Linda can't wait!  They will stay up late, eat snacks, watch one of Penny's "shows" and read 10 bedtime stories. 

She still does this with her hands when she is tired.  Aww......
Every Sunday morning, Linda really pushes her 5K run to shave off a few seconds.  So far all the timed runs have been on the treadmill at the gym.  Everyone knows Linda isn't a real deal runner, she just started running a few months ago and kind of limp-runs since her knee replacement made her right and left legs different lengths.  Anyway, today she did it in 28 minutes.  There is an online age graded calculator that you can use to see how you compare to other runners your age.  Linda's age graded time was 22:58 and she got a 64.44%.  To get a 100%, she would need a time of 18:03.  That's probably not going to happen.  Ever.  She doesn't want to hurt herself, so she can't really go all out.  She is so thankful to be able to run at all. 
Much better view than a treadmill, but hey.. running in the winter is NOT fun