Friday, January 17, 2014


Try not to be too jealous of Linda's dinner tonight.  She is feeling better (although still very congested, phlegmish and coughing a bit) but she is getting her appetite back.  All she could think about was a salad for dinner.  Not a normal lettuce and tomato salad, but this salad:
A mix of organic spring greens with chopped apples, grapes, strawberries, blackberries (fresh!) walnuts, feta cheese, craisins and the most amazing Panara poppy seed dressing on the planet.  She ate it really slow to make it last a long time.  Even Chimi was begging for a bite.

If you want to make an easy, delicious super healthy ice cream (and you don't have your Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment maker yet!) try this:
Put one frozen banana (slice it before you freeze it), just a little Silk Pure Almond chocolate, a few dark chocolate chips and a sprinkle of coconut in the Ninja blender (or any heavy duty blender or food processor.)  Press go.   Freeze for an hour, or if you are like Linda, just eat it right away because you can't even wait that long. If you don't care if its healthy, you could add mix-ins like peanut butter cups, M & M's, peppermint patties, use Vanilla Almond Milk; the possibilities are endless.
A few extra chips on top to make it look pretty
 Penny had her first ever breakfast at IHOP this morning.  She has found her new favorite "FOOD!"  When Penny is hungry, she starts yelling out "FOOD!- HUNGRY!" until you cave and give her something.  She might say EGGS, CHEESE, GRAPES, OATMEAL, SAN-WICH, RAISINS or PRETZELS" Today they went out for a special treat meal at IHOP. Sarah said she just shoveled her pancakes and eggs in her mouth saying "IHOP, IHOP!" over and over.
These IHOP eggs are so much better than Daddy's eggs!
When she woke up from her nap later in the day, she whined and cried that she wanted "MY PANCAKES, more IHOP."   Sarah will have to keep an IHOP to-go cup and one of the take-out menus at home so Penny can look at it while she is eating in her highchair.
"Life is so hard"
 Linda's crushed fingers just finished being totally healed from the Body Pump mishap 2 months ago.  The ring that she couldn't wear on that hand now fit because the swelling went down.  Today in Pump she did the exact same thing on the same hand, except it was the tips of her fingers.  She has to rush between songs to change the plates on the bar, and once again.. she clipped her fingers in between plates. 
Her top two knuckles and one nail is starting to bruise, but its not nearly as bad as the last time.  She just needs to slow down and take an extra 15 seconds between sets.  Besides being clumsy, this is her favorite Body Pump release in a long time!  Yay for BP 88!!