Monday, January 6, 2014

Under Cover

Linda said the buzz at the gym today was all about the weather.  Today it is almost 40 degrees and very breezy.  Starting tonight and into tomorrow, it's going to be dangerously cold (for Virginia) with temps 0-10 degrees.   Linda did the whole "turn your outside water off and drain the pipes" thing.  The local news also said to fill up the cars gas tank; get cash out of the ATM and turn up your heat to help keep inside pipes from freezing.   Most importantly: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS OUTSIDE. That is a no-brainer for Linda.  We'll be speeding out to do our business and then right back inside.  If the people on our street leave their two dogs in the backyard, Linda is going to bang on their door and demand they bring them inside.  If they don't she will just have to call the police.  Those poor pups are outside all the time no matter what the season. Don't worry about me:

I'll be snuggled in my blanket right next to the heater vent..

Or in the hallway under my blanket...

You could also find me in the kitchen under the blankets.
Did I mention that I like to be under the blankets?